Kristina Torsson and her family moved to Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea, in 1983. After many joyful and intense years as one of the designers of the Swedish clothing brand Mah-jong in the 60:s and 70:s, she wanted to get back to the roots, find inspiration in nature and set up a close cooperation between design and handicraft. She found what she was looking for in an old dairyhouse in the village Vamlingbo, in southern Gotland.


Since then the main building contains a manufacture and upstairs is the home of Kristina and her husband Bjorner and a studio where Kristina is working to develop new color schemes, patterns and models. Vamlingbolaget's concept is local presence and a combination of craft and industry. The most characteristic material of the fabrics and garments is a silk knitted half cotton, half viscose. Cotton provides a soft and body-friendly inner side. The glossy viscose on the outside highlights the typical graphic patterns. Ever since the beginning, the black and white printed cotton-viscose fabrics have been the foundation of Vamlingbolagets assortment.



The collection shows clothes that can be worn all seasons. From short-sleeved shirts and flapping skirts and dresses in jersey, cool in summer heat, ideal for travel since they take up little space and not creases itself. Long sleeved shirts and pants in cotton-viscose jersey is also comfortable to wear body close in winter. Other stuff in our collection are velour, corduroy and printed cotton fabric for men's shirts and cloths. Since 2013 we are also very happy to present cloths in knitted wool, under a new brand called Stickeri.



"The environment here on southern Gotland has provided us with generous conditions for the working atmosphere, the production and further development", says Kristina. She continues "the landscape of meadows and coastlines are a constant source of inspiration at work. For a period of more than ten years we had a flock of sheep, this gave us experience of wool qualities for future products in plaid and wool. In 2003 we helped structure the work of Gotland spinners, which we hope will lead to many beautiful and comfortable wool products in the future."